Welcome! This collection of documents is designed to help prospective graduate students learn about the MA and PhD programs in our Department. It's strongly suggested that you peruse the recent NRC rankings, via the Mathematics Graduate Program Rankings at

If, for example, one looks at the measure of Student Outcomes (the program supports a high fraction of students, students graduate quickly and get jobs), then UC Santa Barbara is the top-ranked UC campus. For statistics on graduate employment click here

The majority of this material is taken directly from the department's Graduate Student Handbook, which helps guide our graduate students throughout the various stages of their programs. These documents include general information, suggested preparation, an outline of each program offered, faculty information, and lists of course offerings. Students interested in graduate programs in Mathematics should direct their applications and questions to the following address: 

Department of Mathematics 
University of California 
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 
Voice: 805/893-8192 
Fax: 805/893-2385 


Undergraduate Preparation

Students who have taken the following undergraduate courses are usually sufficiently prepared to enter our graduate program:

All Students:

  • Linear Algebra: UCSB Math 108AB
  • Real Analysis: UCSB Math 118ABC
  • Complex Analysis: UCSB Math 122AB

And in the case of the M.A. in Mathematics, and Ph.D. students with an interest in pure math:

  • Modern Algebra: UCSB Math 111ABC

And in the case of the M.A. in Applied Mathematics, and Ph.D. students with an interest in applied math:

  • Numerical Analysis: UCSB Math 104ABC
  • Applied Mathematics: UCSB Math 124AB